How It Works

Heirloom Kitchen is a simple solution to the complicated problem of how to eat well in our busy lives. Our goal is to make dinner easy. Our mission is to provide fresh, high quality, locally sourced meals that can go right from Heirloom Kitchen to your dining table.

We have a set menu of meals including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options and we are food allergy friendly.  We have a set seasonal menu as well as fresh and local specials to choose from each week. 

Most of our meals are available in single serving, double serving (save 10%), or family size (serves 4; save 12%).  We also have a fun and healthy kids menu (Food to Grow on) with meals that are truly delicious and perfectly sized for our young customers.

You can stop by our store to get meals to carry out, order meals online and arrange to pick them up at a set time, or have meals delivered from our kitchen to your door.

If you’re busy and you like great food, we can’t wait to meet you. Singles, couples, families, seniors whoever you are, we’ve got a delicious dinner waiting for you.